Welcome to the Health Care Justice Sabbath web site.

                 Faith communities of every kind are encouraged to take a weekend and sponsor a Health Care Justice Sabbath.    For faith communities that sponsor such a weekend,  health care justice is the belief that God wants human beings to enjoy good health, both physical and mental, and that God wants society to actively help restore good health when it is lost.  To believe in health care justice is to believe in health care for all, and to seek steps to make health care for all real in our society.

                Of all the prayers that people of faith pray, prayers on behalf of the health of a loved one are surely the most common.  When our prayers are sincere, we will often want to not only pray about it, but learn about it and do something about it.  Praying, hearing and doing are essential elements of Health Care Justice Sabbaths

                This site is intended to help you design a Health Care Justice Sabbath for your congregation, to provide some resources and direct you to others, and help link you with others engaged in health care justice Sabbaths in your geographical area.

                This site is managed by the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society on behalf of ourselves and other sponsoring and cooperating groups.   United Methodists seek to put into practice their General  Conference Resolution on Health Care Justice Sabbaths.  To the extent possible, we want to help out faith communities and make resources available to as many groups as possible.   United Methodists also sponsor a site called John 10:10 to help United Methodists link with others.  As other faith communities join us in promoting health care justice sabbaths, we will list their resources for dialogue and coordination as well.

                On the following pages you will find:

  • What a variety of faith groups say about Health Care Justice   
  • Congregational Planning for Health Care Justice
  • Contemporary Issues to Highlight in Health Care Justice Sabbaths 
  • Resource Organizations for Health Care Issues
  • Contacts of sponsoring groups

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