Prayerful Witness on Health Care


Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Affordable Care Act

 Amicus Brief Filed by over Sixty Faith Groups       View the Signers

 Supreme Court Watch – Families USA


Worship Resources for Sunday Worship or Prayer Vigil

 A Litany of Prayer for the Uninsured and Under-Insured

 Prayers and Litanies for Equal Access to Health Care

 And He Cured Many Who Were Sick_ Prayers for Health Care ​

 United Methodist Social Creed



 Sermon by Rev. Cliff Frasier (2009)

 Sermon by Rev. Jackson Day (2002)


Plan a Local Prayer Event in Your Area

 How to Plan a Prayer Event

 24-Hour Prayer Vigil
One way to invite a congregation into prayer is to have a 24-hour prayer vigil. Utilizing a pie chart as a prayer wheel, divide the chart into 24 one-hour increments. Invite worshippers to sign up for a one-hour time slot during which they will be in prayer. Participants may pray at church, at home, or at another designated place.

 Plan to pray during the 24 hours from the conclusion of Sunday worship to Monday afternoon, March 25-26. Provide the United Methodist Social Principles and other information for reflection and prayer.


Resources and Information

 United Methodist Social Principle on Health Care

 John 10:10 Challenge

 Faithful Reform in Health Care ~ The Heart in Health Care Reform

 State-by-State Health Care Information

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